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Organic wedding films that tell your story

It’s all about you

  • What are you like as a couple? Are you goofy, fun loving, laughing at every joke? Are you madly in love, floating on air every time you kiss? However you are, however you love, we want to capture it for you.
  • Our wedding films put the couple first. Yes, we film all the key moments, but our aim is to find the magic that is you.

The Process

  • Make it easy
    • Do you want a wedding video?
    • Do you want a wedding video that you’ll actually want to watch?
    • Do you want a worry free wedding day, with professionals who you’ve gotten to know really well, and who capture exactly what you love about each other?
    • Book Argyle Rebel Films
  • Make it fun
    • Filming a wedding is a lot of fun. You get to look great, hang out with the people you love the most in the world, eat amazing food, dance the night away. We’re there to capture it all so you can relive it over and over again
  • Create something you want to watch
    • I hate my wedding video. It just wasn’t me. And that’s  because I didn’t meet my videographer until the day of my wedding. Cookie cutter doesn’t work with something as personal as your wedding. Think of all the decisions you make for this one day, you don’t make them lightly. So don’t check out on the thing that is going to be watched for years to come by you, your future kids, grand kids, visiting family members, that one random frenemy down the street that you kind of hate but you want to show off to so… you get the point. Make something that you’re going to love forever. You owe it to yourself.
  • 6-8 Weeks Later*
    • There’s nothing we love more than getting that email, text, or phone call from newlyweds who’ve just watched their film. Someone is usually crying, and they always say the same thing- HOW DID YOU KNOW?
    • We make films that you will cherish forever, because we care about you. We care about who you are, what you mean to each other, and what that day represents; your love.

Packages, Pricing, and all the jazz

  • We have one package. It includes 8 hours of filming, 2-3 cameras (depending on you), drone footage*, before ceremony, full ceremony, reception, speeches, short film, next day online teaser film, and edited full day. We offer everything you need.
  • We’re currently running an early 2018 special of $1,500.00*.
  •  If you want extras we do have an a la carte menu. Just ask

Films and Teasers

Mike and Kara Teaser from Argyle Rebel Films on Vimeo.

Forever Foster Teaser from Argyle Rebel Films on Vimeo.

Ankit and Tina: First Dance from Argyle Rebel Films on Vimeo.

*6-8 week delivery time is standard. If you would like your wedding film faster please ask for our a la carte price.

*Drone will only be flown outside in appropriate weather and locale

*This price special is only for local weddings within a 75 mile radius of Durham, NC 27713.


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