Community. Diversity. Storytelling.

Argyle Rebel Films was created to give storytellers of all backgrounds a space to tell organic, personal stories that resonates with a larger audience.

As we grew we realized we could be more- a home for stories and storytellers that traditional film studios ignored. A full functioning film studio that prioritizes the historically disenfranchised.

It is Argyle Rebels mission to provide access, equipment, financing, marketing strategium, and distribution to those who have previously been left out of traditional storytelling.

In short, we believe in giving creatives a platform to tell their stories in a way that honors who they are and the audience they serve.

As the founder and CEO of Argyle Rebel Films, Michael I Washington embodies the spirit of both the artist and the advocate. His unwavering commitment to community, diversity, and storytelling stems from his steadfast belief that everyone should have the opportunity to narrate their own story – a principle he passionately infuses into his cinematic creations. A fervent believer in the untapped cinematic potential of North Carolina, his roots in the state – as a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and a resident of Durham – fuel his mission to spotlight it on the global stage through his high-quality films. Michael’s visionary leadership continues to push the boundaries of the film industry, fostering a culture of inclusivity and creativity at Argyle Rebel Films.

Ankit Gupta, the President of Argyle Rebel Films, possesses an exceptional blend of technical expertise and imaginative vision, anchoring his love for storytelling and team-building. His vast experience in product management, sales consulting, and cross-functional collaboration, paired with his deep knowledge of SaaS platforms and software development lifecycles, has made him an irreplaceable asset in cultivating the company’s vision. As a ‘big picture’ strategist, Ankit has a knack for fusing disparate worlds together, creating compelling narratives that resonate on and off-screen. Above all, Ankit is a proven leader, fostering win-win relationships across the board, from the technical team to the C-suite, ensuring that Argyle Rebel Films remains at the forefront of the cinematic industry.