“We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever aroused curiosity.”- Orville Wright

It’s scary to say out loud what you want. Once those thoughts exit your mouth they become real, and with them consequences. Failure becomes real, the stakes become real, and your dream isn’t just yours anymore. In short once you say it you have to deliver.

Earlier this year I started a full fledged production company and micro budget film studio in Durham, North Carolina. But that’s not as important as why…

Stories are important, and they need to be told. Your story, my story, her story, his story. All of them. They all matter because they help us define our culture. Through stories we create heroes, and villains. We show the best of us, our triumphs, and our successes. We show the worst of us, our fears, failures, and defeats. How we rise, and how we fall. Stories teach us about ourselves, and allow us to dream, create, and escape. Stories allow us to discover who, but are propelled by why. I love stories dearly.

From an early age my life was greatly influenced by films, plays, and books. Today as a storyteller I find myself wanting to do three specific thing:

I am a 32 year old black male from the suburban South. My life has been shaped by Zack Morris, Tiger Woods, John Hughes, and Lil Wayne. They, meaning Hollywood, don’t write movies about my life in suburban North Carolina. I do. I also write stories about strong black women, and preppy white dudes who play golf, get dumped and runaway from Zombies. Historically no one would green light my stories, but I will.

Take Back Your Power

Argyle Rebel Films exist because I believe in the power of stories, and I want to help tell as many of them as possible. Whether these stories are about astronauts, scientists, ballers, debutantes, activists, sorority girls, etc. Our mission is to tell stories because they are important to our world. It’s not about the format; film, podcast, web series, or live theater. We will produce good content.

My name is Michael Washington. My email address is argylerebelfilms@gmail.com.  I hope we have your support as well as your attention.

Thank you for your time. And remember,  it is up to you to be tell your story. Be the Rebel.

-The Argyle Rebel

Photo Credit Tyler Pollard