Save The Dad Bod

Why don’t men engage in their health and go to the doctor? Is it fear, pride, or just lack of education? We must explore this and fight to end the stigma around men’s health. Too many men are dying.

What is Save The Dad Bod?

“Save the Dad Bod” is a documentary film that explores the question,why don’t men go to the doctor? The film follows 34 year old cancer survivor as he tackles the history of men’s health in america to figure out once and for all how to get men to engage in their health.

Why Make Save The Dad Bod?

Look around you.

Seriously, take a moment to think of the men in your life. Think of what they mean to you. To your family. Think about yourself.  There are so many preventable deaths. There are so many lives that need not be impacted by the consequences of ignorance. This is our time to dig in, and take a closer look into why men are not taking their health seriously.

This is our moment to shine a light and show those men closest to you that one annual trip to the doctor can change their world and the world of those closet to them. It is time to take a stand for yourself, your loved ones, and SAVE THE DAD BOD.

Who is Save The Dad Bod For?

We made Save The Dad Bod for all audiences. We made it for families, for couples, for friends, for schools, for conferences. This film is for any and everyone who wants to learn about men’s health and the men’s health crisis in America

How do we see the film?

Save The Dad Bod is Premiering Thursday July 22, 2021 at the Varsity Theater in Chapel Hill, NC. If you would like to attend this premiere please email us at

If you would like to license the film for a conference and host a Q and A with filmmaker Michael Washington please email us at

If you would like to license the film for a school group and receive study guide materials please email us a

If you would like to organize a community screening please email us a

If you would like to pay to stream the film in glorious high definition please hang tight for release details.

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